Today's group: دوانية تايم

المصارى - Rank: 1 - Points: 5124.0

Points: 1012.0

Points: 962.0

Points: 922.0

Points: 898.0

Points: 847.0

Points: 483.0
Dead Wieght

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Dewaniya Time Challenge

Win over $14,000 Worth of prizes by participating in this challenge as a group.

  • When? Feb 1st to April 4th 2014
  • How? Create your own group or Join a friend's group
  • What will I win?:
    • $50 weekly for 1st to 4th place Risk-It-All division for king of solo kout, balot and hand
    • $50 weekly for 1st and 2nd place Calculated division for king of solo kout, balot and hand
    • Weekly group dinner meals for randomly selected groups with over 50 points
    • Grand prize winner will get his dewaniya equipped with at least 50 inch TV and Play station 4
  • To win: Just play solo challenge as you normally do and your friend's scores will be combined for the group

Good luck to you all and keep an eye our for more information about the challenge.