Kout for iPhone

Meet Koutbo6.com first developed application for the iPhone. Kout for iPhone brings your favorite game right into your hands. The game was built to give you the best social gaming experience.

Application Features:

Single and online multi-player game

Kout for iPhone can be played on a single player mode and online multi-player mode.

Single Player

Play against the AI with the ability to save the game and continue later.

Multi Player

Play online with your friends on Koutbo6.com.


Profiles helps Koutbo6.com users to make connections with their friends and other users in Koutbo6.com.

The profile gives an overview of basic information such as player picture, location, bio, ratings, and titles in addition to number of followers, following, and friends.

With the user profiles, users can link their profiles to Twitter and Facebook and share their updates with their friends and followers.


Contacts allow users to easily get connected with their friends, know their online status, send a message, or a initiate a live chat. Contacts includes a list of followers, following, friends, and blocking.


With search, users can search for other users in Koutbo6.com, or their local friends list. Search enables Koutbo6.com users to find their friends and add them easily.

Social updates

Share your updates with your friends, let them know what's happening. And we will add more spice to your updates by letting your friends know that you've won a game or a tournament or even scored a Bawan!

Users can read their friends updates, reply to them, like their updates, and repost the updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Messages allow users to send a private message to their friends or any registered user in Koutbo6.com, the message will be stored in the user's inbox. User can read his inbox whenever he is online.

Game invitations, notifications and follow requests

Having the game invitations, notification and requests sent to the message inbox, the user can join a game, read a notification, and respond to a follow request right from his inbox.

Real-Time Chat

Chat privately, in a game room, and publicly in the lounge. Kout for iPhone enable the users to chat with their friends or any other user in Koutbo6.com in real-time.

Shake your iPhone

While in a game room, shake your iPhone to start chatting.


Participate in online tournaments, compete on titles, trophies, ratings, and ranks with more than 400,000 player in Koutbo6.com.

Play on the go

Thousands of Kout bo 4/6 tournaments are being organized yearly in Koutbo6.com, with Kout for iPhone the user can never miss his tournament game again, the user can always play his tournament game on the go!

Score Sheets

With score sheets, the user will be able to view his match score sheet in game and after the game ends.

Online Score Sheets

Online score sheets stores all of the online games scores, after each game, user will be able to share a detailed score sheets with his friends on Koutbo6, Twitter, and Facebook!


Listings of the Kout Kings and the top players in Koutbo6.com online competitions of King of Kout bo 6, King of Kout bo 4, King of Solo (Kout bo 6), King of Bawan (Kout bo 6), and King of Tourneys.

Leaderboard is the place for the elite Kout players, prove your playing skills by beating the top players!

Interactive Tutorial

A step-by-step interactive tutorial to teach new users how to play Kout.

The tutorial starts with game overview, and walks through the game play, how to deal with jokers, how the scoring works, and how and when to bid, with a special tutorial that covers bidding Bawan, and how the game ends.